Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Poppy Makes... a colouring page and a new YouTube series

Hej everyone! On the colouring pages page I have posted this new FREE to download colouring page which is also a hint of some of my new plans. The exciting news I have to tell you is that I will be making a new monthly series on YouTube additional to DIY and baking video’s I will be making Ukulele play a long/ sing a longs videos. I recently had gotten a uke for my birthday and I have been having so much fun with it and thought it would be fun to let you in on my learning process. I am totally new at playing any type of instrument, let alone chords, strumming patterns and all. But I love learning all this and thought it would be fun to let you guys in on the things I am learning and showing you what I have learned so far. That is why every first Friyay of the month I will upload a new uke video on my YouTube channel where I will play a new (probably Disney related) song. The video will show which strumming pattern I am using, the chords and the words to the song so you can if you want to play a long and/ or sing a long. If you have any ideas or request on what (Disney) song I should be tackling next please let me know on any of my social media like FaceBook, Instagram and/ or Twitter. Plus if you want to keep a notification every time I upload a new video please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell.

x Poppy

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